Scott E. Hendrix of Carroll University (USA) will be editing a volume of the “cultural history of the universe” with a focus on the middle ages. The chapters I need authors for are below:

1.             Theories of the Universe

2.             Models of the Universe

3.             The Universe and Human Destiny

4.             The Built Environment

5.             Travel and Mapping

6.             Reckoning and Keeping Time

7.             Representing the Universe

Each chapter will be 8-9,000 words, inclusive of notes, and focus on providing an overview of the subject under consideration, rather than original scholarship. This is a scholarly volume, to be published by Bloomsbury, so an advanced degree in a field such as history, art history, or philosophy (or similar field) is required, as is a scholarly approach to the subject matter.  The deadline for submission of completed work will be 16 months from time of contract signing.

Contact me at for complete details and style guide.

Contact Info:

Scott E. Hendrix
Associate Professor of History
Carroll University