AAR-SW Friends,

Editors Rubina Ramji and Alison Marshall are seeking contributors for their forthcoming peer-reviewed edited volume, The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religion and Migration. They are seeking in-depth introductory essays examining modern migrations and religious identities in a global context. Final submissions should range from 5,000-10,000 words.

Interested authors should send a 300-500 word proposal, 100 word abstract, anticipated word count, and CV to Rubina Ramji at  RelMigration@gmail.com. June 1, 2018 proposal submission deadline. Full chapters are due Jan 1, 2019. Below is the full CFP.

Religion and Migration has become an important area of study,  yet remains diverse.  Research in this area has expanded as audiences become more interested in the topic.  Transnational migration calls into question the relationship of religion in the diaspora.  Religious identities are changing in the face of pluralism and multiculturalism. This volume will examine universalist ideas of religion, as well as constructed ideas of religion, in the global world.

We are currently seeking papers for a peer-reviewed edited volume, The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religion and Migration, to be published by Bloomsbury Press in their Handbooks in Religion Series and edited by Rubina Ramji (ruby_ramji@cbu.ca) and Alison Marshall (marshalla@brandonu.ca).

The volume will provide a broad geographic representation with a focus on the present-day immigration issues. The aim of this interdisciplinary collection is to provide a scholarly introduction to a variety of audiences. We are looking for in-depth introductory essays chronicling migration in regional and transnational contexts, as well as dominant and emerging theories and approaches to the study of religious identities in a global context.  Overall, the volume is aimed at scholars and students who seek entry points in the range of critical issues and themes related to religion and migration.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • A survey of religious groups that have migrated
  • The negotiation of religion in the diaspora
  • The “religionization” of political, cultural, ethnic and gender identity in the diaspora
  • The rise of anti-immigration stances in the face of religious extremism and terrorism
  • The rise of religious intolerance towards religious minorities
  • The suppression of religious freedoms in secular societies
  • Religious integration versus religious assimilation of religious minorities
  • The transformation of religious identities across social/geographic boundaries

Full submissions may range from 5,000–10,000 words depending on topic.


Please send a proposal (300-500 words), an abstract (100 words), anticipated word count, and CV to Rubina Ramji at  RelMigration@gmail.com. Feel free to direct any questions to the editors before submission.

Proposal Deadline:  June 1, 2018

Full Draft Submissions of Complete Papers Due: January 1, 2019