CFA: Currents in Teaching and Learning

CFA: Currents in Teaching and Learning

AAR-SW Friends,

The academic journal Currents in Teaching and Learning is looking for submissions for their Fall 2016 issue. CTL publishes articles pertaining to teaching and learning across disciplines. They are looking for short reports about different classroom practices in a variety of disciplines, theoretical essays, and book reviews. Seeing as how we have have a number of stellar teachers in our region, I though I might pass this publishing opportunity along. Below is their formal call for articles.

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Call For Articles:

Currents invites submissions for its Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 issues (Volume 9, Numbers 1-2).

We welcome essays and teaching reports that address any aspects of teaching and learning. Each year we release two issues of Currents, an open-ended Fall issue and a themed issue in the Spring.

We welcome all teaching and learning-related submissions for the Fall 2016 Issue

The theme for the Spring 2017 issue is “Teaching students with disabilities: concepts, approaches, and practices.” Issues to address may include, but are not limited to:

  • Theories, understandings, and concepts of the term itself and who is part of this population.
  • Approaches to and pedagogical paradigms about teaching students with learning disabilities.
  • Institutional practices, policies, and programs designed to work with students with disabilities, and their relationship to and impact on educational practices and needs.

Submissions may take the form of:

  • Teaching and Program Reports: short reports from different disciplines on classroom practices (2850–5700 words);
  • Essays: longer research, theoretical, or conceptual articles and explorations of issues and challenges facing teachers today (5700 – 7125 words);
  • Book and Website Reviews: send inquiries attn: Book Review Editors. No unsolicited reviews, please.

We welcome both individual and group submissions. All submissions must be original, previously unpublished work and, if based in a particular academic discipline, must explicitly consider their relevance and applicability to other disciplines and classroom settings.

Submissions Deadlines:
Fall 2016 issue: August 1, 2016
Spring 2017 issue: December 1, 2016

Submissions received after this date will be considered for the following issue and on a rolling basis.

Currents in Teaching and Learning is a peer-reviewed electronic journal that fosters non-specialist, jargon-free exchanges among reflective teacher-scholars. Published twice a year and addressed to faculty and graduate students across the disciplines, Currents seeks to improve teaching and learning in higher education with short reports on classroom practices as well as longer research, theoretical, or conceptual articles, and explorations of issues and challenges facing teachers today.

Send all inquiries to Editor Martin Fromm or Editorial Assistant Kayla Beman at For submission guidelines, visit our website at

Currents in Teaching and Learning is a publication of Worcester State University, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. ISSN: 1945-3043