CFP: Bodies/Borders in Jewish Women’s Comics

CFP: Bodies/Borders in Jewish Women’s Comics

AAR-SW Friends,

Editors Heike Bauer, Andrea Greenbaum, and Sarah Lightman are seeking contributions for their forthcoming volume Bodies/Borders in Jewish Women’s ComicsInterested contributors should examine the full CFP below and contact the editors for further information.

Scholarship and publications on Jewish women and comics have grown considerably over the last five years. Studies such as the Eisner Award-winning Graphic Details: Jewish Women’s Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews (Lightman 2014), How Come Boys Get to Keep Their Noses? (Oksman 2016) and our own special issue on  “Contemporary Comics by Jewish Women” (Bauer, Greenbaum, Lightman, Studies in Comics 7:2 2015 ) have shown that Jewish women make a significant and varied contribution to contemporary comics.
Prompted by the realization that many Jewish women artists work across national and cultural contexts, and that we have yet to examine more fully how their Jewishness intersects with other forms of identity and identification, we are now inviting contributions to a new collection of essays and interviews on Jewish women’s comics in transnational context.  Tentatively titled, Bodies/ Borders in Jewish Women’s Comics, it will bring together scholars and artists to examine comics from a wide range of countries and cultures and present original artwork including work that has not yet been translated into English.
All submissions will be peer-reviewed for publication with an academic press. We are looking to publish critical essays, interviews and artwork.
Essays should focus on Jewish women. Themes might include, but are not limited to:
•   Intersectionality
•   Sexuality and gender
•   Illness-related narratives
•   Women’s bodies
•   Religious texts (Talmud, Torah etc)
•   Mothers
•   Domesticity
•   Exile/diaspora
•   Superheroes and Villains
•   Workplace Narratives
•   War and Conflict
We are keen to publish interviews with Jewish women comic artists from around the world. Please get in touch if you would like to propose an interview.
We are especially interested in both original artwork and previously published work that has not yet been translated into English.
Deadline for Abstracts:  June 30th, 2017
Send abstracts to: Dr. Andrea Greenbaum, Professor of English, Barry University:
Contact Info:

 Dr. Andrea Greenbaum, Professor of English, Barry University

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