CFP: Bridging Faith and Feminism: The Role That Religion Can Play in Advancing Gender Equality

November 23-26, 2019 AAR/SLB Annual Meeting, San Diego

Papers are invited for a session sponsored by the Baha’i Studies Unit and supported by the Women’s Caucus of the American Academy of Religion. When one considers the depth and scale of change required for the realization of gender equality worldwide—change that is not only material and technical but also moral, spiritual, and cultural—it becomes clear that the tremendous social, spiritual and intellectual resources of religious communities and faith-based organizations will be a key component of these efforts.

Efforts to replace the often confrontational dynamic between secular and faith-based proponents of gender equality are extremely important, recognizing that such tensions are often rooted in conceptions of culture and are driven by broader political agendas and geopolitical realities. No one part of society will succeed in realizing the goal of gender equality in isolation. Faith-based organizations and actors need to join together with secular organizations and social justice movements working towards the same ends—combining their experiences, insights, and resources—to work towards a goal that requires and promotes the participation of all.

A wide range of papers are invited from different perspectives and academic approaches to examine how religious and secular actors can work together to advance gender equality worldwide. How can a new narrative that encompasses the ideals inherent in respective worldviews of gender equality be created —a narrative that focuses on our common humanity, on justice and the establishment of peace?

The deadline for a 500- word proposal is March 1, 2019.

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Saphira Rameshfar, Bahá’í International Community,

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