Dear Colleagues:
Nazareth College, Hickey Center for interfaith Studies and Dialogue is pleased to announce its 5th international conference on Sacred Texts and Human Contexts: Religions and the (De) Legitimization of Violence on July29-31, 2018. The Conference is open to scholars in religious, theology, women and gender studies and social scientists from US and abroad as presenters or participants.
*    The proposal should be no more than 550 words.
*   Send a 225-word resume that presents expertise in the area of your presentation.
*   Include your address, telephone number, and email address.
*   Notice of acceptances will be sent soon after evaluation with guidelines for full presentation.
*   Selected papers are published
* The Conference is open to 60 presenters. Last date to receive your proposal is March 1, 2018, earlier is preferred.
  * Proposals are to be emailed to:

Please visit the website to know more about the conference sub-topics, submitting a  proposal and registration:

Muhammad Shafiq, Ph.D.

Professor & Executive Director
Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue
IIIT Interfaith Studies Chair