AAR-SW Friends,

The Yale Journal of Music & Religion is soliciting articles on Voice, Media, and Technologies of the Sacred for a special issue. Interested authors should contact editor-in-chief Jeffers Engelhardt about possible submission topics: jengelhardt-at-amherst.edu before the September 1, 2017 deadline. Below is the full CFP.

Yale Journal of Music & Religion invites articles examining voice, media, and technologies of the sacred. Approaching voice through its sonic and material dimensions, this issue will focus on the intersections of religion, media, and mediation with the poetics and infrastructures of sacred voice. Possible topics include continuities and ruptures between “old” and “new” media in terms of sacred voice; the shaping of sacred voice through religious conventions, aesthetics, and technologies; media and voicings of religious subjectivity and authority; institutions and infrastructures of sacred voice; vocal identity, embodiment, and mediation; nonhuman/disembodied voices in religious texts and other media; and individual and congregational voices’ roles in religious practice and mediation.

Please contact editor-in-chief Jeffers Engelhardt about possible submission topics: jengelhardt-at-amherst.edu. (Deadline extended to September 1, 2017.)