018 Call for Papers

The David Noel Freedman Award for Excellence and Creativity in Hebrew Bible Scholarship is open for submissions as of October 1, 2017.


There is a $1,000 monetary award. The awarded paper will be delivered at the SBL Annual Meeting with a panel discussion. No one may receive this award more than once.

Qualifications for Submission

Any SBL member who has received a Ph.D. or Th.D. in biblical studies or related field since 2007 may submit a paper. This paper should be of publishable quality. It must not have been previously published or accepted for publication; however, a paper may be submitted that is under review by a journal or academic press if a decision to publish has not been reached at the time of submission. If the paper was delivered at an annual or international meeting, it must exhibit significant revision, as demonstrated by submission of both the original draft and the revision.

Submission Requirements

    1. Intention to submit a paper for the award must be sent to FreedmanAward@sbl-site.org no later than 10 January 2018. Please indicate in the subject line of all correspondence the last name of the applicant. All of the contact information for the individual, including SBL membership number, should be included in the email. If the tentative title for a paper is available, please indicate it. Include a current copy of your academic CV in PDF format. Name the file with the first and last name of the applicant. Please be certain that the date of the CV is indicated.


  1. Applicants will submit no later than midnight on 1 March 2018:

    a. A brief abstract (limit 250 words) regarding how the paper advances Hebrew Bible scholarship.

    b. A paper, in English, of no more than 10,000 words including footnotes, and double-spaced. A bibliography is not required. If your paper is over the 10,000 word limit it will be automatically disqualified. 

    c. Both abstract and paper should be formatted as a PDF and submitted anonymously, that is, an author’s name should not appear after the paper’s title or in any heading; neither should any reference be made to the author within the paper in a manner that would reveal the author’s identity.

    Failure to follow submission requirements will result in a paper’s automatic disqualification.

    All materials should be submitted in PDF format to FreedmanAward@sbl-site.org. Applicants should refer to the SBL Handbook of Style for guidelines. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt within 2 business days please contact Paige Schmidt.


The paper will be evaluated on the basis of three criteria:

  1. A persuasive thesis that engages the Hebrew Bible and demonstrates quality of scholarship and significance to the field;
  2. Clarity of expression and thought;
  3. Originality and creativity.