“Higher Learning.” 2016 Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture

“Higher Learning.” 2016 Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture

AAR-SW Friends,

Baylor University would like to invite regional scholars to attend their 2016 Symposium on Faith and Culture: Higher Learning.

Conference Details
Higher Learning
Baylor University (Waco, TX)
October 27-29, 2016
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Higher education in America is in the midst of profound challenge and transformation. The cost of a college education continues to rise. Disagreements persist about what constitutes the core curriculum. Technological advances confront traditional assumptions about how instruction and research are conducted. Political conflict and social unrest have been especially visible on many college campuses. And these are only some of the signs of change and stress.

Amid these challenges, it is not clear what people expect colleges and universities to do in the first place. Should they primarily be devoted to job placement for their graduates? Should they at the same time advance research across the disciplines in ways that expand the frontiers of knowledge? Should they seek to form their students intellectually, morally, and even spiritually while preparing them for responsible citizenship and civic engagement? Should they also be the places where enthusiastic sports fans gather in grand arenas and stadiums to watch athletes pursue victory? With so many competing expectations, it is no wonder that so many institutions seem to be suffering something akin to an identity crisis.

Perhaps some of these challenges and expectations might be better navigated by considering anew the goal of higher learning.

Join us as we explore these questions during the 2016 Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture, “Higher Learning,” on October 27-29.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • James Davison Hunter, University of Virginia
  • Candace Vogler, University of Chicago
  • David I. Smith, Calvin College
  • Patrick Deneen, University of Notre Dame
  • John Haldane, Baylor University
  • Minette Drumwright, University of Texas
  • Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College
  • Chad Wellmon, University of Virginia
  • Simon Oliver, Durham University