AAR-SW is the Southwest regional organization of the American Academy of Religion. The AAR-SW membership includes members of the AAR living, working, and/or affiliating with the southwest region of the United States, as well as others in the region with scholarly, professional, and/or personal religious studies interests. AAR-SW serves faculty and students affiliated with the colleges, seminaries, and research universities in the region. Other members come from secondary schools, religious organizations, non-profits and institutes promoting the study of religion.

The AAR-SW is a member organization of the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies, which also comprises the southwest regional organizations of the SBL, ASSR, and ASOR. SWCRS organizes the conference where the members of the AAR-SW meet each year, generally the second weekend in March. The SWCRS Board of Directors comprises AAR-SW representatives, including all of its officers.

The AAR-SW is working to represent in its membership and leadership the diversity of the region and to enhance its support of its membership with innovations to encourage collaborative work among members throughout the year.

Governing Documents:

AAR Regional Coordinator Handbook

AAR SW Policies and Procedures

AAR SW Operating Agreement