AAR-SW welcomes and encourages graduate student participation in the region. Participating in the regional meeting is a great way to meet other scholars in the area and enter into the various conversations in our field of research. To this end, AAR-SW offers a number of programs to foster graduate student research. For any questions about how AAR can serve you as a graduate student in the region, please do not hesitate to contact our Regional Student Director.

Graduate Student Professional Development Luncheon:

AAR-SW is pleased to partner with SWCRS to offer an annual graduate student professional luncheon at our annual regional meeting. Graduate students enjoy a subsidized meal and benefit from a Q&A panel discussion with senior scholars in the field on various professional development topics.

Central Texas Colloquium on Religion:

The Central Texas Colloquium on Religion (CTCR) is an initiative to build stronger connections between the wealth of academic professionals and students of religion in Central Texas. The CTCR hosts an annual research conference for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in the Southwest United States… [Read More]